Cleaning Chlorinated Paraffins
Cleaning. Chlorinated. Paraffins. In the metal working and stamping industry the . be removed because nothing will adhere to the part with the paraffin still on it.




Metal Cleaning: Introduction and Use of Chlorinated Parrafin
Chlorinated paraffin is an additive that uses paraffin, or wax, as a base. . This presents the challenge of cleaning and removing sludge from the bottom of the .

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Re-Circulating Spray Wash Cleaners from Janed Enterprises, Inc.
Metal Medic 7094, Metal Medic 7094 is an alkaline liquid cleaner for removing chlorinated paraffin waxes and drawing compounds in spray washer applications .



Industrial/Metal - Welcome to Lily Products
Lily Products of Michigan, Inc. has a full line of metal cleaners designed to meet your cleaning needs. If you need to remove chlorinated paraffin from stamped .

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Chlorinated Paraffin/Vacuum Heat Treating : Products Finishing
Oct 1, 2008 . A local metal stamper is stamping carbon steel parts using a forming fluid . uses a high-alkaline, high-heat soak and spray method to clean the parts, . that the metal stamper is not removing all of the chlorinated paraffin and .

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Alternatives to VOC Emitting Petroleum Based Lubricants And ...
AND CHLORINATED PARAFFIN LUBRICANTS: MINIMIZING THE HEALTH . to clean from the metal substrates. They may require cleaning baths to be . out of the machines, refill the machines and decant the removed lubricant. In addition, .



Industrial Cleaning Products
Industrial Cleaning Products – Neutral cleaning options for metal parts, . ES- 2000 Heavy duty 1X neutral floor cleaner for removing oils, dirt, fork truck wheel marks . chlorinated paraffin machining oils, and others from non-ferrous metals like .



Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins (SCCPs) in Metal Working Fluids
fluids. Substitution of chlorinated paraffins with non-chlorinated extreme pressure . Deposit waste material, including rags used for cleaning up, in airtight metal . Removal of any substances physically interfering with the metal working fluid; .



Cleaning additives
Chemetall Americas' cleaning additives improve performance of surface cleaners . . Heavy Equipment: Agricultural & Off-Road, HVAC, Machine Shop and Metal . remove organic soils, drawing compounds, and chlorinated paraffin removal.

Metal Working Fluids
machining fluids, metal removal fluids, metal working fluids, etc. . nitrosating agents and short-chained-chlorinated paraffin have been eliminated from metal . by metal working fluids flow through fluid circulation systems, air cleaners in a .


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What Are Chlorinated Paraffins
Chlorinated Paraffins (CPs) are straight-chain hydrocarbons that have been chlorinated. . Tech – Engine Treatments, Fuel System Cleaners, Lubricants, & Grease . "Management of the Metal Removal Fluid Environment" as a useful starting .



FUCHS Silkolene
Generally these products are formulated as aggressive cleaners that will remove stubborn soils such as chlorinated paraffin-based oils, greases, drawing .

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